Devraj's Sthaayee In Progress

Devraj composed and recorded Battuka Bhairava Nrutya this year and is currently setting the choreography. He mentioned that this particular choreography honours the late fathers who have all created their own Sthaayee or Battu Nrutya such as Guru Pankaj Charan Das, Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, and Guru Debaprasad Das . The song was sung by Binod Bihari Panda and Devraj himself. Devraj has a number of Pallavi's to his name, but this will be his very first Battu Nrutya.

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Malkauns for Malini

Dr. Malini Guha, Mancha Prabesha Graduate of CDA and Company Dancer of CODC commissioned Devraj Patnaik to create a Pallavi in Raga Malkauns exclusively for her. Devraj composed and recorded the item in Orissa, India, and will choreograph and disseminate it unto Malini upon his return.